Press release : Prizm CES Innovation Award 2016, New York / Paris 10 November 2015

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Prizm receives “CES Innovation Award” in the “Smart Home” category

Prizm™ has been awarded the prestigious CES Innovation Award in the Smart Home category. The CES Innovation Award reveals innovations (products or services) soon to be on the market that will represent the must-haves of the coming year.

Prizm is a new kind of music player you can plug to any speakers.. By identifying who is in the room, what their music preferences are and the current mood, Prizm always knows what to play.

Prizm reinvents the way we listen to music at home and is extremely ease to use: all you need to do is press Play. The music starts automatically based on the tastes of people in the room, and is adapted to the identified context: an evening with friends, a romantic dinner...

You no longer  need to use your computer or your smartphone, to browse an app or a website and think about what you want to listen to. Prizm itself recognizes the right music for you according to your tastes and listening habits.

But there is more : Prizm analyses what’s happening around, recognizes those present and senses the overall atmosphere to adjust the music selection automatically.

It’s a unique intelligence in the audio field. Nobody offers this today

Olivier Roberdet, R&D manager

Prizm´s algorithms take advantage of the abundance of streaming platform catalogs. Once connected to your speakers (3.5mm Jack, optical or Bluetooth) and to your streaming account, Prizm browses millions of titles to find your future favorite ones.

It automatically detects people in the room via their smartphone or connected wristbands and analyzes the ambient atmosphere (taking into account the day, hour and sound volume…). This is how Prizm makes the difference between a romantic dinner and an evening with friends and chooses the music that perfectly fits the situation.

We believe that the listening experience is deeply linked to the context. We do not want to listen to the same music when we are doing housework for example or when we we have friends over than when we are alone or with our better half

Pierre Gochgarian, Prizm's CEO
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Simply intuitive

You like what is being played? Press the heart button: the title is added directly to your Soundcloud or Deezer playlists so that you can listen to it again later. If a song is not to your taste, press the cross button to skip to the next.

It learns to get to know you

Each time that you interact with Prizm, it memorizes your choices in order to play music you like, at the right moment, when you’re in the right mood. It will for example understand that you prefer listening to rock in the morning and jazz at night. The personalised music stream generated by Prizm is becoming more relevant over time, custom-tailored to your music habits.

Smartphone application

Prizm has been designed to operate as a standalone device but it can still be controlled using the dedicated app (iOS, Android). It is thus possible to play a title, a musical genre or an artist of your choice using the app as a remote control.

A crowdfunded project

The young Paris-based start-up launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter in October 2014 to finance the industrial launch of Prizm. The project reached its target and raised more than $70 000 in four days. In the end the project raised $161.000 on the platform.

The founders

Prizm was delevoped by a Paris-based start-up founded in 2013 by: Pierre Gochgarian (Chief Marketing Officer), Arthur Eberhardt (CTO), Olivier Roberdet (R&D Director), Pierre Verdu (Art Director).

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About Prizm

FR :

Notre mission : proposer la meilleure expérience musicale à domicile en intégrant harmonieusement design, hardware et création logicielle. Notre équipe d’experts passionnés de musique, travaille à créer la prochaine génération de systèmes audio.

EN :

Our mission is to provide the best music experience at home by seamlessly integrating hardware and software. Our team of music enthusiasts and technical experts work to create the next generation of audio systems.